The “Garden State”

I had the chance a couple of months ago to visit my family up north. Most of them and their families live in New Jersey except for 3 of my brothers. Kenny lives in Oregon, Paul in Atlanta and Tony in Connecticut.

Whenever I return to Jersey, as I call it, I must take time to get to work and practice with my camera. I try to capture pictures of  my favorite childhood memories. When taking photos I feel such love and warmth behind my lens. It makes me happy to be able to capture these pictures to enjoy or share with my family..

this is the river crossing,,,,, in Clinton New Jersey. I arrived a little late but was able to set up my camera and tripod before the sun was to bright.

As a child I remember my parents going to dinner at the Clinton house while my beautiful sister Laura baby sat my brothers and sisters

I took the next two shots in Pittstown after visiting with my mom in the home where she stays. It is difficult to visit with my mother, enough said

Pittstown, New Jersey

My favorite person in the world, my mother, Alice Minchella.

My favorite person in the world,  my Father, Francis J. Minchella

 My favorite person in the world,  my Father, Francis J. Minchella

I was sitting outside of the rental house having a conservation with my Brother Peter and just happened to have my new Canon 100mm F/2.8 Is “L” lens and decided to see how the lens held up without a tripod!


Asbury West Portal Road, Asbury, New Jersey


Single lane railroad tunnel on Asbury West Portal Road

I think this was near Ludlow Station Road. As a child my bus would drive by this twice a day. I could see in the mill as we drove by and look at the graphite workers and their black faces from the graphite


Asbury, West Portal Road

My sisters house, Mary Minchella

I’m on the way!


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  1. Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing your travel with us.

  2. First time coming here,from Jersey (shore) also, nice to see the Jersey tomato sign. Have reservations for 7:30 tomorrow. How do you get the VIP parking? Thanks, Rob

    1. Sorry I missed you I was off on Friday. I hope you enjoyed your dinner.

  3. Tom,

    The pictures tell a story. The NJ shots are awesome.

  4. DO you have any photos of The old Ludlow train station in Asbury? Is it still standing? Beautiful and was worth restoring. Would love to hear anything you coukd tell me

    1. When I was there it was mostly gone but I do have a pic or two of some signs there. I will have to look for them and let ya know!

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