After the holidays 2009

Getting back to normal at the restaurant. We had a very successful holiday season and a good year, no complaining here. Got through a small fire in the kitchen. We found out that the company cleaning the hoods were not cleaning the filters properly and a couple of them over the wood burning grill caught on fire. There was a big ball of fire behind the filters so I had to climb on the wood grill, knock off the filters, turn off the hood fan system and empty two full fire extinguisher into the hoods ( in the middle of a busy rush hour). Almost set off the overhead fire system but I got it out in time!!
Good things! I love it when I can find good steak house items to run as features. For example I was at a Inland seafood show downtown looking at new products and found a tomahawk chop ( 30 oz dry aged long bone in rib eye) but a company out of Chicago– Meats by Linz (http://www.meatsbylinz.com/). Just one of the best steaks in town. The only problem is that the grill guy Pete was not to happy because these steaks are big and take up a lot of room on the grill and also reduce the heat of the grill, but they are so good.
Also, I found some dry aged 16 oz New York strips from http://www.consumerspackingcompany.com/. They dry aged them for Joe’s stone crab in Chicago and I had Consumers Packing co. send me some dry aged strips. Consumers uses beef from Creekstone farms (http://www.creekstonefarms.com/) and is 100% black Angus
and when the dry aged them the flavor is like no other. With the car from our 1200 degree grill, the age and the sauce with them really makes for good a great dinner.

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